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Mar 15, 2019
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To Sell you must:
  • Place a "SALE" icon.
  • Must have over 50 posts and be a avid community forum member.
  • Provide a detailed description of item.
  • Have at least two pictures for verification.
  • Provide a tracking number to forum member.
  • Give feedback to buyer.
To Buy you must:
  • Place a "BUY" icon.
  • Show forth you are willing to comply with transaction.
  • Send funds promptly or let seller know ahead of time of reconsideration.
  • Give feedback to seller.
To Trade you must:
  • Keep all DMs, do not change any information between both parties.
  • Make sure you both give out tracking numbers.
Scamming, Stealing or misleading will result in Permanent Ban and Blacklisted IP number.

Custom Sales of full figure(s) beyond one item made by a individual are strictly prohibited due to Copyright law:
  • Inspired work as in clothing are leatherwork are void of such prohibited sale due to not sharing a trademark likeness.
  • Headsculpts are limited to individual sale but not in runs, meaning if you bought it 3rd party and are now reselling it here.
Any or all custom runs ever posted on PGC will lead to thread deletion and a DM from Administrator for further explanation of such actions. We here at PGC encourage art of such customs, but not direct sales of items due to Cease & Desist or DMCA notices.

Posters who do not have 50 posts or more who post sell threads will have their sell threads deleted.

Enjoy the site!

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